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Recent Publications

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Journal of Vitreoretinal Disease

Outcomes and Practice Preferences After Endophthalmitis Following Anti-VEGF Intravitreal Injection

BMJ Case Reports

Acute macular neuroretinopathy (AMN) related to energy drink consumption

Current Opinions in Ophthalmology

Introduction to hypersonic vitrectomy

IOVS Journal

Assessment of Neurotrophins and Inflammatory Mediators in Vitreous of Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy

American Journal of Ophthalmology

Ocular dirofilariasis: Ophthalmic implication of climate change on vector-borne parasites

Current Opinions in Ophthalmology

Advancements of vitreoretinal surgical machines.

OSLI Retina

Functional and Morphological Evaluation of Traumatized Eyes With Berlin's Edema Affecting the Macula Using mfERG, Microperimetry, and SD-OCT.

European Journal of Ophthalmology

Full-thickness macular hole formation associated with central serous chorioretinopathy.

OSLI 2015

Early Evolution of the Vitreomacular Interface and Clinical Efficacy After Ocriplasmin Injection for Symptomatic Vitreomacular Adhesion.

International Ophthalmology

Visualizing the internal limiting membrane: what is effective and what is safe?

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